David J. Pence

Should Christians Watch The Chosen?

When Jesus spoke, He spoke as one with authority…Roumie’s Jesus is soft-spoken and watered-down. He is a symptom of the culture that tries to make Jesus into your “best friend.”

The Three Parts of Salvation

 “There are three things that, according to the Bible, are absolutely necessary to the salvation of every man and woman in Christendom. These three things are justification, regeneration, and sanctification.”

Why Share the Gospel?

If the culture hates the gospel so much, why bother evangelizing when we could just sit on the sidelines and watch disapprovingly as the world does whatever it wants? That would certainly save us a lot of ridicule.

A New Beginning for Upward Gaze Ministries

On January 1st of 2021, Luke and I released a video announcing the creation of this ministry…it has been two years since that video was posted, and nothing has been done with this ministry since. That wasn’t our plan.